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Posted 02/27/07

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Toronto Photographer and Toronto Venture Capitalist Stage Photo Exhibition at New Distillery Gallery to Raise Funds for Victims of Terrorism

Toronto - July 7, 2003 - Toronto photographer, Jason Schwartz, author of The Ghosts That Haunt Us, and Toronto venture capitalist, Mark Dubowitz, have joined forces to stage an upcoming photo exhibition in Toronto's new Distillery District to raise awareness for victims of terror in Israel. Proceeds from the exhibition will be sent to Selah, the Israel Crisis Management Center, with part of the proceeds used for an upcoming photo-essay to be produced by Jason and Mark in Israel this summer.

"Selah" (or rock in Hebrew) is Israel's only national organization providing network assistance for new immigrants hit by sudden crisis, terror or tragedy. Established in 1993, it provides a safety net for new immigrants who have no support system, family or friends. Selah is mainly privately funded and provides help with basic living costs, medical equipment and procedures not covered under Israel's National Insurance, and burial costs and travel for relatives from abroad. It also offers a series of healing retreats and support groups to help new immigrants cope with their grief.

"We want to make people aware that a visitor to Israel today would see lives shattered by devastating terrorist attacks but would also marvel at the courage and determination of the Israeli people whose love of life is a formidable strength - not the weak spot that Israel's enemies had predicted", says Jason Schwartz, co-organizer of the photo exhibition. "We will be photographing and interviewing families who have lost loved ones to terrorism, survivors of terrorism and ordinary Israelis living their lives despite the threat."

"Selah is run by Ruth Bar-On, "a pure soul whose personal dedication and the commitment of her staff and network of volunteers touched something deep inside us when we visited her in Israel at the beginning of this year", says Mark Dubowitz, co-organizer of the exhibition "God willing, if there is ever peace, these photographs and accompanying narrative will be a testament to the personal suffering and heroism of the ordinary people whose stories are often forgotten in the frenzy of the political headlines."

Jason Schwartz is contributing an eclectic mix of 25 pieces from his private collection for purchase at the Pikto Photo Exhibition located in the Distillery District, Toronto's trendy and newest arts and entertainment cultural community. The show, which is free, will take place on Wednesday, July 30th, and Thursday, July 31st, 6:00 - 9:00 p.m. Pricing for photographs is capped at a mere $285 per piece and includes framing and matting. Samples of Jason photographs can be viewed on this site. For an e-vite contact l.horowitz@rogers.com

Jason Schwartz

Mark Dubowitz
Mdubowitz@brightspark.com 416-414-1334

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