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  Jason Schwartz is a freelance photographer residing in Toronto, Canada. His newest work entitled “Infinite” is a meditative series of seascapes reflecting on the universal experience of mortality and the internalization of that inescapable eventuality.

He is currently traveling an exhibition of photographs documenting the stories of Israeli victims of terrorism on behalf of One Family Fund. He has also completed a major commission on behalf of The Florida Holocaust Museum photographing 115 Holocaust survivors in Southwest Florida as well as his own book of portraits entitled “The Ghosts That Haunt Us-Portraits of Holocaust Survivors“.

Spanning a twenty year period, Schwartz has exhibited internationally and has photographed various celebrities including Eric Clapton (musician), Judy Blum (author) and Lech Walensa (former President of Poland). He can be contacted regarding commercial or editorial assignments, commissions and exhibition opportunities at torontophotographer@rogers.com or by telephone at (416) 871-6967.

2012 Jason Aaron Schwartz